Collaborate with MGI

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This project is a collaboration with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and was initiated to discover variants associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Pediatric Cancer Genome Project

This project seeks to identify the genetic changes involved in some of the most deadly pediatric cancers.

Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome

This collaboration is working to better understand the genetic components of diabetes and metabolic syndrome by sequencing the disorders’ key genes.

Vaccines & the Pediatric Microbiome

This collaboration with researchers in The Gambia and Bangladesh is investigating the effect of vaccination on the pediatric microbiome.

Collaboration is Key at MGI

We have spent more than a decade working with partners around the globe to help advance the field of genomics as it applies to human health and disease. Our relationships have yielded vast improvements in sequencing technology as well as the production and analysis of meaningful, clinically relevant results. Our co-investigators are able to leverage our strengths as a world-class research institute and see us as a valuable asset that enhances their scientific capabilities and impact.

Services Available to Collaborators

  • Operating a vast array of high-throughput sequencing instruments, we apply the most technologically advanced sequencing methods available.
  • Using a powerful, well-proven analysis pipeline that detects key single nucleotide variants, insertions, deletions and structural variations, we are able to generate actionable disease targets.
  • Producing over 100 publications in world-class journals during the last five years alone, we provide manuscript and grant writing assistance and access to renowned clinical expertise.
  • With over $1.2B million in funding since our inception, we have a proven track record applying exceptional project management experience to a project from start to publication.

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