McDonnell Genome Institute Researchers Remain on "Hottest Researchers" List

Four MGI researchers (Rick Wilson, Elaine Mardis, Li Ding, and Robert Fulton) were again named to the "Hottest Researchers" list. Additionally, Drs. Wilson and Mardis were named to the 2014 list of "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds."

Thomson Reuters has released its report on the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds: 2014. A subset of these researchers, deemed “hottest,” were defined as publishing the greatest number of papers ranked in the top 0.1% by citations for their field in 2012-2013. Four researchers from the McDonnell Genome Institute were named to this prestigious list of 17 Hottest Researchers: Richard K. Wilson, PhD, Elaine Mardis, PhD, Li Ding, PhD, and Robert Fulton. Genomics researchers comprised 12 of the 17 hottest scientists, examining the genomic aspects of a range of diseases from leukemia to cancers of the brain, breast, and retina. WUSTL researchers contributed to 5 “hot” papers from The Cancer Genome Atlas project and 2 from the Human Microbiome Project Consortium.

Most Influential Scientific Minds

Thomson Reuters determined the most influential scientific minds based on citation data over the past 11 years for the highest-impact work. These high-impact papers were defined as ranked in the top 1% of citations for their field and year of publication. Drs. Wilson and Mardis, along with WUSTL School of Medicine collaborator John DiPersio, MD, PhD, were named to this list of esteemed researchers in the area of clinical medicine. Scientists on this list have made a notable impact on their peers and are performing research recognized by these peers as groundbreaking and noteworthy.

“Citations offer a direct testament to work that scientists themselves judge to be the most important to ongoing research,” says Gordon Macomber, managing director of Thomson Reuters Scientific and Scholarly Research. “By analyzing these citation connections, one can identify the most impactful people, publications, programs, and more. The listings in Highly Cited Researchers truly reflect positive assessment by peers, and constitute a searchable database containing an elite section of the world’s most influential scientific researchers.”