Mitreva Lab staff provides hands-on training for workshop participants

MGI Holds Bioinformatics Workshop for Helminth Genomics

For two days in September, Dr. Mitreva and members of her laboratory at MGI gave 20 attendees individual, hands-on instruction in bioinformatics for helminth genomics.

The workshop attendees represented both industry and academia and came from Europe, Canada, and the US with interest in parasites with various mode of parasitism, including human, animal, plant, and entomopathogenic parasites.

Historically, the Mitreva lab has focused on using genomic approaches and next-generation sequencing technologies to empower studies on parasitic helminths. While the lab frequently aids researchers who need to analyze aspects of available sequence and other omics data, Dr. Mitreva believes more rapid progress in the utilization of this data could be achieved if community members are able to gain experience with next-generation, large-scale analysis methods themselves. “Therefore, we felt that we could further empower the helminth research community by transferring our knowledge on genome, transcriptome, and variome analyses so that we can together accelerate progress towards the development of more efficient and sustainable control programs," she says. "By training the research community in computational techniques required to do high-throughput sequence analysis, we will enable researchers to formulate and test hypothesis using available and upcoming sequence data on their own."

The participants have urged Dr. Mitreva and her lab to offer the workshop again and many strongly recommended it to their colleagues. More information on Dr. Mitreva’s work and scientific community outreach can be found at

Sponsors included MGI, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, New England BioLabs, and Amazon Web Services.