Genomes: Plants

Corn (Zea mays mays cv. B73).

The McDonnell Genome Institute has participated in two plant projects: the Arabidopsis Genome Project, as a member of an international consortium; and the Maize Genome Project, in which the McDonnell Genome Institute was the lead institution. Arabidopsis is an important model organism in agricultural science and its genome was completed in 2000. Maize is an important cereal crop with a highly complex genome. The Maize Project was published in 2009 and provides an ordered set of finished sequences for the gene-rich regions of the genome, while linking these “gene islands” to the genetic map. This provides the necessary context to use the maize gene sequences as a platform for biological research.

Plants Sequenced by MGI

scientific name common name category taxonomy
Zea mays mays cv. B73 Corn Plants Plant
Arabidopsis thaliana Mousear Cress Plants Plant