The impact of the Washington University Cancer Genome Initiative continues...

In April 2009, the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University launched an ambitious initiative designed to bring whole genome sequencing in cancer patients to the forefront of clinical medicine. The research has helped improve sequencing efficiency, reduce costs and has led to the development of tools necessary to analyze patient data. It has also prompted the creation of a discovery pipeline that can determine many of the genetic events underlying cancer.

The primary goal of the Washington University Cancer Genome Initiative has been to sequence the tumor and normal genomes from 150 cancer patients (for a total of 300 complete genomes). The types of cancers chosen for this ambitious pilot project include: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), led by Dr. Richard K. Wilson, Director of the McDonnell Genome Institute and Dr. Timothy Ley in the Department of Medicine; Breast Cancer, led by McDonnell Genome Institute Co-Director, Dr. Elaine Mardis; Lung Cancer, led by Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan at the Siteman Cancer Center and Washington University; and a number of other cancer types.

Since the initiative’s inception, the McDonnell Genome Institute has published over 200 manuscripts in high impact peer reviewed journals. The publications and projects listed below highlight some of the institute’s major papers and collaborations of the past three years. ‘Total Citations’ indicates the number of times an article has been cited by another publication. The McDonnell Genome Institute’s body of research has had a profound and lasting impact on the genomic sciences community. A full list of the institute's publications can be found here.

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Top Cited Publications

* Source: Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge as of February 2013