MGI Outreach: Extensive Study Application

Follow the instructions for completing the application for admission to the 2018-19 OGR Extensive Study Program:

  1. Carefully complete all parts of the application including the Personal Statements section. If any parts of the application are incomplete, your application will not be reviewed.
  2. A completed application includes:
    • Application form
    • Three recommendation forms from STEM faculty
    • Official transcript(s)
    • Resume or CV
  3. To complete your application, send the following supplementary documents:
    • Official copies of your transcript(s) from the beginning of your undergraduate education through completion of your baccalaureate degree (include work from all institutions attended eg. two-year college). If you will graduate in Spring 2018, a transcript reflecting Fall 2017 will be accepted to review your application, but a complete transcript will be required prior to official admittance into the program.
    • Three faculty recommendation forms should be sent from your referees. Only recommendations from faculty at undergraduate institutions or higher will be considered. All three recommendations must be from a faculty in STEM (science, engineering, technology, mathematics). A voluntary, additional fourth reference, will be accepted from a non-STEM or non-faculty member as a character reference (non-relatives only). The recommendation forms MUST originate from the referees' email address. Referees will receive a link to a recommendation form once the application is completed. Alternatively, referees can access the form from the website. (NOTE: Letters can supplement the form, but they will not be accepted in lieu of the form)
    • An updated resume or CV detailing your education, work, research history, and honors/community service is required

Supplementary application materials may be submitted electronically to (preferred):

Or via mail:
McDonnell Genome Institute
4444 Forest Park Blvd
Campus Box 8501
St. Louis, MO 63108
ATTN: Outreach Dept

Application deadline: May 18, 2018
Program dates: August 8, 2018 – June 28, 2019

Applicant Information

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Background Information

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Are you first generation college?

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What is your mother's or secondary guardian's occupation?

Washington University School of Medicine will make reasonable accommodations for persons with learning or physical disabilities or persons that need special considerations for health related or religious reasons. Please indicate whether you need such accommodations or considerations.

If yes, please provide a brief explanation here:

Educational Information

Have you received a degree at any institution?

If you answered 'Yes', please continue with the next section, 'Information on Degree Earned'. If you answered 'No', please skip the next section and continue with 'Current University Information'.

Information on Degree Earned

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(see Calculating STEM GPA in the instructions)

Current University Information

Are you currently enrolled at a college or university?

Current college or university

Current class standing

Current period of attendance

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Anticipated date of graduation

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Previous Colleges or Universities Attended

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Indicate any STEM courses in which you are currently enrolled, but may not appear on your transcript:

Other Background Information

Are you currently employed?

If yes, please complete the next "Employer Information" section. Alternatively, you may write "Please see resume.", only if your resume contains all the details in the "Employer Information" section.

Employer Information

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Future Interests

Please select all that apply to your graduate or professional plans:

Please indicate the graduate or professional degree program in which you are interested:

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Do you plan to take any of the following? (Check all that apply.)

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Have you taken the GRE?

If Yes, what was the date you took the test?

What were your last GRE scores?

Have you taken the MCAT?

If Yes, what was the date you took the test?

If Yes, what were your last scores?

Research Experience

Have you participated in any research excluding coursework (e.g. summer or academic year internships?)

If yes, please list the details of your research experience here:

Have you or do you currently participate in any of the following programs?

If other, please indicate below:

Please indicate if you have been involved in any of the following activities during your undergraduate matriculation

Attended a conference of social meeting for students majoring in the biomedical sciences (e.g. ABRCMS, SACNAS)

Presented a poster a biomedical conference or societal meeting

Participated in a business or industry related internship related to a biomedical field

Served as a mentor or tutor to other undergraduates majoring in biomedical reas

Co-authored a biomedical research publication for a peer reviewed journal

Participated in a GRE/MCAT preparation course or workshop

Prepared a science abstract for your research project

Please indicate if you have experience in the following

Interpreting data

Organizing data

Working with other science professionals in a group

Working independently in a science research lab

Communicating your research findings orally with professionals in the scientific research community

Communicating your research findings in writing to other professionals in the scientific research community

Reading and interpreting scientific literature

Analyzing a problem and formulating a solution

Writing a scientific research abstract

Preparing a scientific research poster

Facilitating a Q&A session related to you scientific research poster

Reagent preparation (e.g., solutions)


Preparing gels (agarose or polyacrylamide) or gel electrophoresis

Streaking/plating bacteria

Analytical evaluation of DNA or protein (e.g. interpreting gels, spectrophotometry)

DNA restriction enzyme analysis/ligation/cloning

DNA transfection and/or Plasmid isolation

Bacterial culture

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) of DNA

RT-PCR or real-time PCR of RNA

Chromatography (size exclusion, ion exchange)

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Cell or tissue cultures

Storing or thawing cell lines

Antibiotic selection of cells or colonies

Computer search of nucleotide or protein sequences (BLAST)

Advanced Bioinformatics tools (e.g., protein structure, comparative genomic analysis, ENTREZ, Santa Cruz)

Chromatin immunoprecipitation

Microarrays (sample preparation or analysis)

DNA or protein sequencing

Epigenetic analysis (DNA methylation, histones)

Blotting Methods (Southern, Northern, Western)

Comparative genetics (e.g., mouse)

In vivo work (animal or plant experiments)

Molecular medicine (study of diseased patients or tissues)

Human variation (sequence or epigenetic comparison of individuals)

Synthetic Techniques

Spectrophotometric Techniques (UV-VIS, FTIR, Luminescence, NMR)

Assay techniques

Chromatographic Techniques (LC, GC, tandem MS)

Electroanalytical Techniques

Environmental Sampling Techniques

Please list any additional research techniques you have been taught and/or competently performed in the lab that are not listed above. Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains such details.

Honors and Achievements

Please list any academic awards/honors received during your undergraduate matriculation. Write N/A if not applicable. Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains the details of the table below.

List any STEM-related organizations, honor societies, or programs, in which you have participated during your undergraduate matriculation. Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains the details of the table below.

List any substantial involvement in community activities. (note: you can list organizations you belong to at your school as well as external organizations, as long as it provides a service to the university or the outside community. Examples include, you volunteer at a hospital once a week, etc.) Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains the details of the table below.

Personal Statements

Please write short statements to answer the five questions below. These statements should be brief, yet thorough. Use complete sentences.

Who or what has influenced your potential career choice?

What are your current research or science interests and why?

Why do you want to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics?

What steps have you taken to pursue your career of interest?

Why do you want to participate in the OGR program?

Please describe any circumstances that may have prevented you from pursuing a graduate degree upon graduation.

Published Research

Please cut and paste any abstracts from previous research, including abstracts presented at national or regional meetings (include title, author list with institutional affiliations, and name of publication or meeting where abstract appears or was presented)

Provide references to any publications where you are the author or co-author. Please follow MLA format. (include author list, title of article, name of journal where article appears, year, etc)


Provide the names and contact details of three STEM faculty members who will provide recommendations on your behalf. All three references must be from STEM faculty. An additional, fourth reference from non-STEM or non-faculty is allowed and encouraged (have them email us for a referral ID and instructions). This reference should be based on your character. The reference forms received from referees must match the names below. The forms received must match the names below. _If you use a different referee you must notify us in writing._

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

How did you hear about the OGR program? (check all that apply)

If requested, please indicate below:

Digital Signature

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