TGI Outreach: Undergraduate Scholar Application

Please carefully complete all parts of the application including the Personal Statements section. If any parts of the application are incomplete, your application will not be reviewed. The application and the additional materials must be received by the following dates:

Early Decision: Feb. 7, 2014
Regular Deadline: Mar. 14, 2014

The dates of the OGR Undergraduate Scholars Program are: May 29, 2014 – July 31, 2014

A completed application includes:

  • an application form

  • two recommendations from STEM faculty (see exceptions below)

  • official transcript(s)

  • resume (optional)

To complete your application, please send the following materials:

  • Official copies of your transcript(s) from the beginning of your undergraduate education through the Fall 2013 semester or quarter (include work from all institutions attended, eg. two-year college). If accepted to the program, a transcript reflecting the Spring 2014 semester will be required, prior to matriculation into the program.

    Transcripts should be sent by mail. Alternatively, they can be sent electronically if your institution subscribes to an official electronic transcript service.

    Mailing address for transcripts:
    The Genome Institute
    Washington University in St. Louis - SOM
    4444 Forest Park Avenue
    Campus Box 8501
    St. Louis, MO 63108
    ATTN: Outreach

    (Note: Be sure to include the entire address to avoid delays in receipt of your transcript)

  • You must provide in the form below the names and email addresses of two STEM faculty that will send us their recommendations for your inclusion in the Undergraduate Scholar program. Only recommendations from faculty at undergraduate institutions or higher will be considered. Both recommendations must be from a faculty in STEM (science, engineering, technology, mathematics). These individuals will be sent an email directing the to the recommendation form.

All fields are required unless noted.

Applicant Information

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Background Information

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Washington University School of Medicine will make reasonable accommodations for persons with learning or physical disabilities or persons that need special considerations for health related or religious reasons. Please indicate whether you need such accommodations or considerations.

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Educational Information

Current University Information

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Other Background Information

Future Interests

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Research Experience

Have you participated in any research excluding coursework (e.g. summer or academic year internships?)

If yes, please list the details of your research experience here:

Have you or do you currently participate in any of the following programs?

If other, please indicate below:

Please indicate if you have been involved in any of the following activities during your undergraduate matriculation

Attended a conference of social meeting for students majoring in the biomedical sciences (e.g. ABRCMS, SACNAS)

Presented a poster a biomedical conference or societal meeting

Participated in a business or industry related internship related to a biomedical field

Served as a mentor or tutor to other undergraduates majoring in biomedical reas

Co-authored a biomedical research publication for a peer reviewed journal

Participated in a GRE/MCAT preparation course or workshop

Prepared a science abstract for your research project

Please list any research techniques you have been taught and/or competently perform in the lab (ex. gel electrophoresis, micropipetting, tissue culture, BLAST, etc). Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains such details.

Honors and Achievements

Please list any academic awards/honors received during your undergraduate matriculation. Write N/A if not applicable. Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains the details of the table below.

List any STEM-related organizations, honor societies, or programs, in which you have participated during your undergraduate matriculation. Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains the details of the table below.

List any substantial involvement in community activities. (note: you can list organizations you belong to at your school as well as external organizations, as long as it provides a service to the university or the outside community. Examples include, you volunteer at a hospital once a week, etc.) Alternatively, you may write "see resume", only if your resume contains the details of the table below.

Personal Statements

Please write short statements to answer the five questions below. These statements should be brief, but should be answered completely.

Who or what has influenced your potential career choice?

What are your current research or science interests and why?

Why do you want to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics?

What steps have you taken to pursue your career of interest?

Why do you want to participate in the OGR program?

Published Research

Please cut and paste any abstracts from previous research, including abstracts presented at national or regional meetings (include title, author list with institutional affiliations, and name of publication or meeting where abstract appears or was presented)

Provide references to any publications where you are the author or co-author. Please follow MLA format. (include author list, title of article, name of journal where article appears, year, etc)


Provide the names and contact details of two STEM faculty members who will provide recommendations on your behalf. Make note that freshmen may have one recommendation from a non-STEM faculty; the second form must be from a STEM faculty. The forms received must match the names below.If you use a different referee you must notify us in writing.

Reference #1

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How did you hear about the OGR program? (check all that apply)

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