Shadding Lab

Students isolate DNA from strawberries.

The interests of the Shadding Lab include: diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) research and evaluation of pipeline programs, STEM workforce development, STEM curriculum improvement and informal science education as a means to improve health literacy and health disparities.

The focus of the Shadding Lab is the research and evaluation of the impact of interventions to increase and retain underrepresented (UR) groups in STEM fields, namely genomics. While numerous programs exist to improve diversity in STEM and career outcomes for underrepresented groups, more research is needed to determine the true effectiveness of these programs. One of the aims of our lab is to contribute to the broader body of knowledge in the area of diversity in STEM and to establish proven best practices in this area.

Currently, we are using the MGI Outreach pipeline programs and the IMSD (Initiative for Maximizing Student Development) Scholars program as models to determine the impact of specific interventions.

Current Lab Projects/Interests include:

  • Self-efficacy in UR students and relatedness to their career decisions and outcomes
  • Examination of recruitment mechanisms to STEM programs
  • Factors involved in retention of graduate students from UR backgrounds
  • Innovative STEM workforce development strategies

Shadding Lab Projects

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