Kristine Wylie, Ph.D.,  McDonnell Genome Institute

Dr. Kristine Wylie is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine and the McDonnell Genome Institute. Her main research interest is the human microbiome and its relationship to health and disease.

During Dr. Wylie’s postdoctoral work, she developed methods for analyzing high-throughput metagenomic shotgun sequence data sets to study the human virome, the viral component of the microbiome. Dr. Wylie analyzed the human virome (eukaryotic viruses) in the healthy subjects from the Human Microbiome Project, providing the first analysis of the commensal virome in a large cohort of generally healthy, asymptomatic people. Many of the viruses carried in asymptomatic people are the same viruses that can cause problems in the long term, for example by reactivation in immunocompromised patients or by causing cancer. This work establishes the foundation for studying the long-term dynamics of the virome and determining effects, both positive and negative, of viruses on human health. In another study, Dr. Wylie studied the viromes in children in a study aimed at understanding the role of viruses in children with unexplained fevers. She and her colleagues determined that viruses are frequently found in samples from children with unexplained fever. As many of the children received antibiotics despite having no confirmed bacterial infection, this work suggests better viral diagnostics would help reduce the misuse of antibiotics. Dr. Wylie and her colleagues recently developed a targeted sequence capture panel, ViroCap, designed to enrich nucleic acid from DNA and RNA viruses from 34 families that infect vertebrate hosts. This tool will greatly enhance the study of eukaryotic DNA and RNA viruses and takes us closer to using high-throughput sequencing as a comprehensive viral diagnostic tool. These early studies lay the foundation for her continued work aimed at understanding the effects of acute and persistent viral infections and to develop improved diagnostics.

Dr. Wylie is currently involved in many collaborative efforts that use high-throughput sequencing to study the microbiome and its association with disease.


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