LaDeana Hillier,  McDonnell Genome Institute

Dr. LaDeana Hillier is an Assistant Director at the McDonnell Genome Institute and Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Genetics at Washington University School of Medicine, joining the department in 1989. She has been with the McDonnell Genome Institute since its inception. As Assistant Director of Informatics she has been responsible for all aspects of computational support for lab activities, user support and education, sequence analysis, submission of data to public repositories, grant preparation and publication. She has participated in software design, human sequence analysis and the sequence and analysis of various model genomes, including C. elegans, the mouse, chicken, chimpanzee and various plants and other animals.

As a participant in the Human Genome Project, Dr. Hillier was responsible for software, automation, analysis, networks and systems for the lab and played a key role in the development of the physical map of the genome. She was also responsible for the consolidation of the physical map and all genetic mapping data and existing sequence data to help maintain a non-redundant path through the genome. She supplied clones to all of the labs around the world sequencing the human genome, and helped with the interpretation of the resulting analyses. Her lab has also been responsible for helping to "finish" the human genome sequence, filling in gaps in unknown regions. Her current primary research interests are in integration of sequence and mapping data and in large-scale comparative genomic analysis. She continues to aid in the development of new methods for sequencing and analyzing genomes.


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