Non-malignant Non-diseased Tissue Database

Welcome to the Non-diseased Non-malignant Tissue Database (NNDT). Here you will find available RNA sequencing, cDNA sequencing capture, and methylation array data for normal healthy somatic tissues from multiple anatomical locations.

Non-malignant Non-diseased Tissue Database Details

This resource provides a rich data set for human disease studies that do not have normal “control” tissue available for comparison. We produced sequence data from isolated coding and non-coding RNA populations derived from normal tissues and analyze the data in the context of genome-wide DNA methylation levels.

The normal samples in this study include a variety of body tissues such as adipose, brain, breast, heart, liver, lung, ovary, etc. The data also includes tissue subtypes (e.g. cerebellum, bone marrow subtypes, etc.) and isolated cells from tissues. These samples are biopsied from healthy, normal individuals of varying ages, ethnicities and developmental stages. Many samples also contain basic clinical information. The Non-diseased Non-malignant Tissue Database will generate data on a continual basis. Please view the current list of samples on the right.

Raw data will soon be available for download in dbGAP.

Please acknowledge “The NNDT database at the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University” for resulting publications.

Paper in progress: "Transcriptome and Methylome Profiling of Non-diseased Non-malignant Tissues" Jessica Silva-Fisher, Nathan Sanders, Richard Wilson, and Elaine Mardis (2014).