Turnkey Variant Analysis Project (TVAP)

Tools for analysis and interpretation of genetic data

The Turnkey Variant Analysis Project (TVAP) focuses on the discovery and interpretation of genetic variants by providing a computational framework and high throughput data analysis tools for use with the latest DNA sequencing technologies. TVAP is flexible and powerful enough to be adopted by experienced laboratories, while at the same time providing high quality, push-button analysis of sequence data for those with little bioinformatics expertise.

Turnkey Variant Analysis Project (TVAP) Details

TVAP is a component of the NHGRI (National Human Genome Research Institute) iSeq Tools Network. The major goals for the network are to:

  • Enable independent researchers outside the major sequencing centers to use sequence data analysis tools.
  • Democratize access to genome informatics tools.
  • Reduce the cost and the skills required for genome analysis.
  • Share knowledge and utilize synergies found within the Network.
  • Innovate in metrics for the positive impact of software and professional credit for this work.

TVAP is supported by NIH grant 5U01HG006517-02 awarded to Li Ding, PhD.

For more information, please visit the project's website at: