Alu and L1 sequence distributions in Xq24-q28 and their comparative utility in YAC contig assembly and verification.

Genomics. 1993 May;16(2):417-25.


The contents of Alu- and L1-containing TaqI restriction fragments were assessed by Southern blot analyses across YAC contigs already assembled by other means and localized within Xq24-q28. Fingerprinting patterns of YACs in contigs were concordant, and using software based on that of M. V. Olson et al. (1986, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 83: 7826) to analyze digitized data on fragment sizes, fingerprinting itself could establish matches among about 40% of a test group of 435 YACs. At 100-kb resolution, both repetitive elements were found throughout the region, with no apparent enrichment of Alu or L1 in DNA of G compared to that found in R bands. However, consistent with a random overall distribution, delimited regions of up to 100 kb contained clusters of repetitive elements. The local concentrations may help to account for the reported differential hybridization of Alu and L1 probes to segments of metaphase chromosomes.


Porta G, Zucchi I, Hillier L, Green P, Nowotny V, D'Urso M, Schlessinger D.

Institute Authors

LaDeana Hillier