Comparison of whole genome assemblies of the human genome.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2002 Nov 15;30(22):5004-14.


A fundamental problem in the human genome project is uncovering the correct assembly of the human genome. Many studies, including transcriptional analysis, SNP detection and characterization, gene finding and EST clustering, use genome assemblies as templates so it is important to determine the consistency among the various whole genome assemblies. A comparison of the order and orientation of the GenBank entries used to construct the NCBI and UCSC Goldenpath assemblies was made. In addition, a sequence level comparison was performed using MULTI, an efficient database search tool developed to make whole genome comparisons possible. The resulting comparisons show significant discrepancies in the sequence as well as in the order and orientation of GenBank entries used in constructing the NCBI and UCSC assemblies.


Rouchka EC, Gish W, States DJ.

Institute Authors