Expressed sequence tags from life cycle stages of Trichinella spiralis: application to biology and parasite control.

Vet Parasitol. 2005 Sep 5;132(1-2):13-7.


While the approach taken to date to study Trichinella spp., involves mainly characterization of individual genes of interest, we initiated a genomics approach as an antecedent to more complete genome sequencing. Our approach involves use of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) obtained from three life cycle stages of Trichinella spiralis; adult worms (AD), mature muscle larvae (ML) and immature L1 larvae (immL1, also known as newborn larvae) () to improve the technical capacity for research on Trichinella spp. and to generate information that will aid prospective development of relevant hypotheses. In this review, we will summarize findings of our EST analysis and discuss how they relate to topics mentioned above. The foundation laid by this data will also contribute toward development of a more substantial genomic database and technical capacity to dissect molecular interactions between vertebrate hosts and Trichinella spp.


Mitreva M, Appleton J, McCarter JP, Jasmer DP.

Institute Authors

Makedonka Mitreva, Ph.D.