Genomic DNA sequencing methods.

Methods Cell Biol. 1995;48:551-69. Review.


Sequence analysis of cosmids from C. elegans and other organisms currently is best done using the random or "shotgun" strategy (Wilson et al., 1994). After shearing by sonication, DNA is used to prepare M13 subclone libraries which provide good coverage and high-quality sequence data. The subclones are assembled and the data edited using software tools developed especially for C. elegans genomic sequencing. These same tools facilitate much of the subsequent work to complete both strands of the sequence and resolve any remaining ambiguities. Analysis of the finished sequence is then accomplished using several additional computer tools including Genefinder and ACeDB. Taken together, these methods and tools provide a powerful means for genome analysis in the nematode.


Favello A, Hillier L, Wilson RK.

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LaDeana Hillier