Miropeats: graphical DNA sequence comparisons.

Comput Appl Biosci. 1995 Dec;11(6):615-9.


Miropeats displays DNA sequence similarity information graphically. The program discovers regions of similarity amongst any set of DNA sequences and then draws a graphic that summarizes the length, location and relative orientations of any repeated sequences. Sequence similarity searching is a very general tool that forms the basis of many different biological sequence analyses but it is limited by the verbosity of traditional alignment presentation styles. Miropeats enhances the utility of conventional DNA sequence comparisons when looking at long lengths of sequence similarity by summarizing large-scale sequence similarities on a single page of PostScript graphics. Miropeats has been applied estensively to help understand shotgun assembly projects, to check cosmid overlaps and to perform inter-genomic comparisons.


Parsons JD.

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