Pangolins (order Pholidota) are the only mammals covered by scales. We have recently sequenced and analyzed the genomes of two critically endangered Asian pangolin species, namely the Malayan pangolin (Manis javanica) and the Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla). These complete genome sequences will serve as reference sequences for future research to address issues of species conservation and to advance knowledge in mammalian biology and evolution. To further facilitate the global research effort in pangolin biology, we developed the Pangolin Genome Database (PGD), as a future hub for hosting pangolin genomic and transcriptomic data and annotations, and with useful analysis tools for the research community. Currently, the PGD provides the reference pangolin genome and transcriptome data, gene sequences and functional information, expressed transcripts, pseudogenes, genomic variations, organ-specific expression data and other useful annotations. We anticipate that the PGD will be an invaluable platform for researchers who are interested in pangolin and mammalian research. We will continue updating this hub by including more data, annotation and analysis tools particularly from our research consortium.Database URL:


Tan TK1, Tan KY2, Hari R1, Mohamed Yusoff A1, Wong GJ3, Siow CC3, Mutha NV3, Rayko M4, Komissarov A4, Dobrynin P4, Krasheninnikova K4, Tamazian G4, Paterson IC5, Warren WC6, Johnson WE7, O'Brien SJ8, Choo SW9.

Institute Authors

Wes Warren, Ph.D.