Strategies for Undertaking Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) Projects.

Methods Mol Biol. 2009;533:1-20.


Only five mammalian species are known to be venomous, and while a large amount of research has been carried out on reptile venom, mammalian venom has been poorly studied to date. Here we describe the status of current research into the venom of the platypus, a semi-aquatic egg-laying Australian mammal, and discuss our approach to platypus venom transcriptomics. We propose that such construction and analysis of mammalian venom transcriptomes from small samples of venom gland, in tandem with proteomics studies, will allow the identification of the full range of mammalian venom components.


Clifton SW, Mitreva M.

Institute Authors

Makedonka Mitreva, Ph.D.