Measure any combination of DNA, RNA, & protein simultaneously, even with a limited sample amount, using the nCounter® Analysis System.

The system utilizes a novel digital technology that is based on direct multiplexed quantification of nucleic acids and offers high levels of precision and sensitivity. Specifically, molecular “barcodes” and single molecule imaging are employed to detect and count hundreds of unique targets in a single reaction.

A variety of pre-designed panels are available through MGI services. Each cartridge can run up to 12 samples, with optional panel kits of chemistry for 12, 24, 48 or 96 samples (Custom Panels start at 48 samples). For a complete list of the number of samples and specific genes covered by each panel, please visit the following links:

Gene expression panels
•  PanCancer Pathways kit
•  GX Human Kinase Kit
•  GX Human Immunology v2 Kit
•  Human Cancer Reference Kit
•  Human Inflammation Kit v2
•  GX Mouse Immunology Kit
•  Mouse Inflammation Kit v2
•  Human Reference GX Kit

miRNA expression analysis
•  Human miRNA
•  Mouse miRNA
•  Rat miRNA
•  Fly miRNA

Copy number variation (CNV) code sets
•  Cancer CN Assay
•  Human Karyotype Panel

Nanostring technology overview

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