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10X Genomics

Single-cell gene expression sequencing and analysis

The Chromium System enables researchers to discover previously inaccessible genomic information at massive rate and scale, including: phase resolved structural variants, single nucleotide variants and indels, as well as dynamic gene expression profiles from tens of thousands of individual cells.
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  • Nextera Mate Pair Libraries
    • 3Kb-8Kb
  • cDNA
    • TruSeq Stranded Total RNA  (strand specific) – for human, mouse & rat only (due to ribodepletion step)
    • TruSeq Stranded mRNA  (strand specific) – any organism
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Small Insert Fragment Libraries (200-700bp)

  • Manual
    • KAPA Hyper, KAPA LTP, IDT Low input
  • Automated
    • KAPA HTP, KAPA Hyper PCR-free