The Science Media Fellowship program supports local high school students interested in science, journalism, public policy, and more, in addition to how the stories that are told about science influence public perception and public policy. St. Louis-area high school students take part in a paid, 8-week program to produce original content at the intersection of science, journalism, and art. We aim to help students develop the storytelling, audio/visual production, and communication skills that will extend the reach of science in our community.

GENEish (2021)

During the summer of 2021, four St. Louis-area high school students took part in the first Science Media Fellowship program at MGI. Nhi Pham and De’Ja Thompson from the Collegiate School of Medicine & Bioscience teamed up with Endya Young from Jennings High School and Samantha Young from University City High School to produce a six-episode podcast series called GENEish.

The podcast explores precision medicine – specifically the use of genetics data in medicine – through interviews with local experts in genetics, genetic counseling, medicine and public health. We talked to Dr. Nathan Stitziel, Jeff Hansen, Dr. Erin Linnenbringer, Dr. Jason Purnell , Dr. Fred Echols, and Dr. Ginger Nicol.

Listen below:

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