Irene Antony

My name is Irene Antony and I’m a senior undergraduate student from Washington University in St. Louis. I plan to continue my neuroscience research and apply to MD-PhD programs to become a physician-scientist. In the future, I hope to lead a lab in an academic hospital focused on investigating genetic mechanisms that contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders.

Research Area

In the Kroll Lab at Washington University, I developed a workflow to identify mutations that contribute to autism and intellectual disability and designed experiments to test high-confidence variants. I am also investigating the  underlying mechanism of a protein implicated in autism and epilepsy. I got the opportunity to present this work over the past year, including at the 2020 National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Annual Directors Conference. I have been a co-author on two scientific reviews and two book chapters about the neurobiology of autism and using stem cell models to study neurodevelopmental disorders.

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