The McDonnell Genome Institute is often among the first to evaluate and offer the latest technologies, instrumentation and assays available. MGI also routinely implements new and emerging technologies and methods into the production workflow.

Led by a small, dedicated team, the Technology Development group performs additional testing and optimization when necessary. With exceptional experience, this group also provides standard operating procedures and training.

Along with this technical expertise, MGI also offers customized bioinformatics tools and support for projects large and small.

A recent example of a step-by-step procedure developed by the McDonnell Genome Institute to help detect and fight COVID-19 is displayed here.

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Catrina Fronick

Assistant Director of Technology Development

Lisa Cook

Research Lab Manager

Robert Fulton, MS

MGI Director of Technology Development

Assistant Professor of Genetics

Technology Development

Rob Mitra, PhD

MGI Associate Director

Alvin Goldfarb Distinguished Professor of Computational Biology

Professor of Genetics

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