10X Genomics Hosts 2018 Symposium at WashU

10X Genomics had its first single cell user group meeting at Washington University on Tuesday August 28, 2018. The symposium took place at Eric P. Newman Center from 9-4 and was filled with speakers, software demonstrations, discussions, and networking. Ranging from various disciplines and departments, speakers from Washington University included Dr. Benjamin Humphreys (Renal), Dr. Allegra Petti (McDonnell Genome Institute) and Dr. Samantha Morris (Genetics and Developmental Biology). The user group meeting also featured various 10X Genomics collaborators including the McDonnell Genome Institute who helped with coordinating the event. Over 270 people attended the event surpassing the initial attendance goal of 150. The day of highly informative talks and invaluable interactions was deemed a great success.         

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