A.J. Murphy

I am a rising Sophomore studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Brown University. I am currently in Jill Kreiling’s lab researching how MicroRNAs affect the WNT pathway in mice and how the WNT pathway changes with respect to gender and age.  After obtaining my Bachelor’s, I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in Biochemistry with an interest in genetics and aging.

Research Area

I am currently in Dr. Silva-Fisher’s lab and we are researching biomarkers for different types of cancer. My main focus is on Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer that is not well researched. We plan on using long non-coding RNA, a type of non-coding RNA longer than 200 base pairs that is responsible for gene regulation and have previously been linked to different types of cancers. We are using LINC01432 specifically and are researching how Polycomb Repression Complex 1 might regulate it and if the protein Myc binds to it. 

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