Candace Farmer, EMBA

Business Development

As a member of the scientific academic community, Candace Farmer has worked for Washington University in St Louis since 2000. She previously attended the University of Missouri-Columbia to receive her Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Early in her career, she participated in the Human Genome Project, during which she expanded from a lab technician to a managerial role. Ms. Farmer directed technicians through a variety of sequencing projects to help advance medical research.  She continued to build on her education by obtaining a second Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Washington University in 2009.

  In 2011, Ms. Farmer shifted her role to focus on managing the process and personnel to purchase and distribute supplies and equipment for the McDonnell Genome Institute.  She grew strong relationships with each vendor encouraging future collaborative work.   As communication and marketing of the growth of MGI became a needed focus she pivoted to start a Business Development role in 2017.  This complemented her academic continuation for her Executive Master of Business Administration degree, completed in 2019. In her present role, she is able to connect her passion for efficiency and collaboration with the marketing of key services to the right collaborator.  She enjoys participating in the completion of tough challenges that provide a win for vendors, customers, and MGI, and sharing them with the world.

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