Rob Mitra, PhD

Rob Mitra, PhD

MGI Associate Director

Alvin Goldfarb Distinguished Professor of Computational Biology

Professor of Genetics

Dr. Rob Mitra is the Alvin Goldfarb Professor of Computational Biology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  Dr. Mitra received his BS, MS and PhD from MIT.  He trained with George Church where he did some of the earliest work developing 2ndgeneration sequencing technologies.  His lab in the Genetics Department and Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology has continued to focus on genomic technology development and has pioneered novel methods for the analysis of transcription factor binding, single molecule proteomics, single-cell genomics, and the capture of targeted genomic regions.  His lab is interested in understanding how transcription factors achieve their in vivo binding specificities, the  impact of this binding on transcriptional output, and the role that transcription factors and chromatin modifiers play in neurodevelopment. Dr. Mitra played integral parts in the founding of the Center for Genome Sciences DNA Sequencing Innovation Lab, the Washington University Genomic Technology Access Center (GTAC@MGI), the Washington University Genomics and Pathology Services Lab (GPS@WU), and the Genome Engineering and iPSC Core (GEiC@MGI). 

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