The McDonnell Genome Institute has developed a highly efficient, scalable research pipeline to provide an variety of functional genomics options.  

Genome Technology
Access Center

GTAC@MGI provides cutting-edge, cost-effective sequencing, and analysis technologies to collaborators. We are committed to generating the highest quality data and providing excellent value-added services and resources.

Genome Engineering &
Stem Cell Center

GESC@MGI facilitates collaborators and customers with functional genomic studies through the use of patient-derived iPSCs and the generation of modified cells and organisms using genome editing technologies.

Mass Spectrometry Technology Access Center

MTAC@MGI provides state-of-art proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and imaging MS technologies to address timely questions in basic, translational, and clinical research by supporting researchers worldwide

We also offers the latest technology and instrumentation.

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