Jason Walker, MIM

Biomed Information Project Manager

Having a diverse background in biology, project management, computer science and information systems along with 15 years of experience at an industry leading genomics institute encompasses a unique, cross disciplinary skill set for understanding both the technical and biological aspects of Bioinformatics and Genome Analytics. Experience spanning cancer genomics, human genetics and software engineering facilitates the successful management of numerous genomics software development and analysis projects. From large automation systems that process whole genome sequencing and targeted, exome sequencing experiments to web applications designed to crowd-source the curation and interpretation of clinically relevant genomic variants, I employ agile development methodologies to manage each project and deliver a final product in a timely fashion. Working together with principal investigators, genomics laboratory directors, software engineers and data analysts, we translate grant objectives and analysis goals into well-defined milestones to iterate on projects achieving consistent progress while maintaining best practices in data analysis and software development methodologies. In addition to large-scale research projects, I work with a CLIA licensed laboratory on clinical-grade, CAP-accredited analysis workflows for reporting variants and results from genomic data back to patients. The CLIA laboratory requires the transition of the dry lab research analysis workflow into the clinical environment after thorough documentation, verification and validation of the assay in collaboration with the wet lab personnel.

Jason Walker’s publications

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